15 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas in 2024

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Visiting Las Vegas in 2024 and exploring it in a supercar can be an exhilarating experience! Here are 15 exciting things to do in Las Vegas that can be enhanced by driving supercars like a #Ferrari, #Lamborghini, #McLaren, or #Porsche.

1. Drive down the iconic Las Vegas Strip in style

Cruise down the world-famous #LasVegasStrip in your supercar, feeling the power of the engine as you pass by the dazzling lights, iconic resorts, and famous landmarks like the #BellagioFountains.

Stop at some of the most extravagant hotels for photo opportunities and enjoy the attention your supercar attracts from fellow visitors.

2. Take a scenic drive to the Hoover Dam

Embark on an exhilarating road trip to the #HooverDam, enjoying the thrill of your supercar’s acceleration on the open highway. Once there, park your car and marvel at the engineering wonder, taking in breathtaking views of the #ColoradoRiver from various vantage points.

3. Cruise through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Navigate the winding roads of #RedRockCanyon in your supercar, with its stunning desert landscapes as your backdrop. Stop at overlooks to savor the unique rock formations and perhaps even go for a hike to get up close to nature.

4. Enjoy a thrilling night out on Fremont Street

Valet your supercar at one of the downtown casinos and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of #FremontStreet. Zip between the vintage neon signs and experience the excitement of live music, street performers, and the famous #FremontStreetExperience light show.

5. Experience Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Holidays? Enjoy the season like never before by driving your supercar to the “Glittering Lights” event at the #LasVegasMotorSpeedway. This premier Christmas light show, a celebrated Nevada tradition, offers an opportunity to navigate through a captivating array of millions of twinkling lights.

Make this journey unforgettable by taking your high-performance supercar, such as a #Lamborghini, #GT3, or #McLaren, and cruising through the dazzling lightscape. This unique combination of luxury driving and festive lights creates an unparalleled holiday experience.

6. Explore the stunning Valley of Fire State Park

Navigate the scenic roads of the #ValleyOfFire in your supercar, taking in the fiery red sandstone formations and petroglyphs. Stop at designated viewpoints, go for a hike, and enjoy the juxtaposition of nature’s beauty and your powerful car.

7. Drive to the Grand Canyon for a day trip

Embark on an epic Las Vegas tour to the #GrandCanyon in your supercar. Savor the long stretches of open road as you head to this natural wonder. Upon arrival, you can explore the canyon’s rim, hike, or even take a helicopter tour to witness its grandeur from above.

8. Visit the famous Seven Magic Mountains art installation

Drive to the colorful art installation in the #MojaveDesert in your supercar, making a striking contrast with the vibrant stacked boulders. Capture stunning photos with your car and the artwork as a backdrop, creating unforgettable memories.

9. Go on a gastronomic adventure, dining at top restaurants

Arrive at Las Vegas’s world-renowned restaurants in your supercar, making a grand entrance. Enjoy exquisite culinary experiences at places like Joël Robuchon, Gordon Ramsay #HellsKitchen, or catch dinner with a view at the #EiffelTowerRestaurant.

Cap off your gastronomic adventure with a relaxing Sunday Jazz Night at Delilah at #WynnLasVegas supper club.

10. Revel in Sin City’s lively and glamorous nightlife

Indulge in the vibrant nightlife scene at exclusive clubs such as #Omnia and #Hakkasan, and the latest hotspots like #LIVLasVegas.

Make a dazzling entrance as you arrive in your supercar, commanding attention and receiving priority entry. Dance the night away to the beats of top DJs at these recently opened and thrilling venues, immersing yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of Las Vegas’s nightlife.

11. Test your luck at world-class casinos

Experience the excitement of high-stakes gambling at renowned casinos such as #Wynn and the #Venetian, as well as newer establishments like #DurangoLasVegas.

Elevate your gaming adventure by parking your luxury supercar at one of the upscale valet services, infusing an extra layer of opulence into your casino visit. Whether your preference is for blackjack, poker, or slots, relish the adrenaline rush of gaming in a sophisticated setting.

12. Take a helicopter tour over the Las Vegas skyline

Before your helicopter tour, arrive at the heliport in your supercar and feel like a celebrity. Soar above the glittering #LasVegasSkyline, taking in breathtaking aerial views of the city’s landmarks and the surrounding desert.

13. Attend a show or concert at one of the city’s venues

Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment by attending captivating shows at renowned city venues, including the newly opened and extraordinary concert venue, #Sphere.

Catch unforgettable performances by legendary acts like U2, enchanting productions like ‘Postcard from Earth,’ and an array of other must-see shows scheduled for 2024. Arrive at these cultural gems in your supercar, adding an extra layer of prestige to your night out.

14. Relax by the pool in style at a luxurious hotel

Arrive in your supercar, elevating your experience. Explore newly constructed or recently opened hotels such as #TheFontainebleau, #VirginHotelLasVegas, and #AhernLuxuryBoutique. Spend your day enjoying the exquisite poolside amenities, sipping cocktails, and relishing the lavish offerings while your supercar awaits nearby, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your stay.

15. Enjoy a spa day

Experience a day of pure relaxation and revitalization at top-notch Las Vegas spas, such as the newly unveiled Lapis Spa at #FontainebleauLasVegas, where a wealth of exceptional amenities awaits.

As you arrive in your supercar, you set the tone for an opulent day of self-indulgence. Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility with luxurious massages and rejuvenating facials, and don’t forget to experience the unique and unforgettable snow room.

Driving a supercar in Las Vegas in 2024 can elevate your experiences to a whole new level, adding a sense of luxury and excitement to every activity you choose to enjoy.

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