Our Journey

This is a story of two car enthusiasts meeting in Las Vegas at the perfect time to create a new and exciting business that allows them to share their passion.

Meet John Siskov

John Siskov
Kobi Kenzo

Meet Kobi Kenzo

Hello, my name is Kobi! I have had a passion for cars since as long as I can remember but the love of exotic cars started when I was 7 and got the chance to get a ride in a Lamborghini Diablo.

Ever since that moment, I have had a dream to be able to experience that feeling every day and now at CYB Exotics, we offer the chance for people to fall in love with cars in a whole different way. Every car rental with us is a unique experience!


John and Coby Started A Dialog

John and Kobi started to have conversations about following their passion and opening a business to pursue this goal. After some travel and experiencing different exotic car rental agencies they got to work to create something new and exciting!

CYB Exotics Was Found

The company was founded in May 2022. John and Koby invested to open the business and start working in 4 cities right away - Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Kauai